DSC02314DSC02210DSC02235Can I please just stay here forever? Either in the private suite infinity pool, or preferably in the Spa room over-looking the Ayung River, because I could just as easily fall asleep in there too. And yes, the same Ayung River that we went White-Water Rafting down but don’t worry, no white-water rafters allowed down here, we wouldn’t want to disturb the 5-STAR peace and relaxation now would we?

DSC02277When we first met Sugeng Purnomo on our Private Tour of the Hanging Gardens Ubud, he tried to tell me the 3.2 hectares of lush landscape the resort is situated on “was not so big” buuuut last time I checked just ONE hectare was pretty sizeable! What I think he meant was there are only 38 Villas taking up this enormous space, so you know what that means – Privacy. Uninterrupted Views. Serenity. And a whoooole lotta relaxation! There’s nothing worse than spending all of your hard earned dollars on a typical chain resort and having to share the service to accommodate everyone else as well as yourself. Hanging Gardens Ubud make YOU feel like the star, even just on day visits like we had! Having enough friendly and presentable staff to spend the quality time on each individual guest, making it your perfect getaway!

DSC02215Let me walk you through our day visit of this without a doubt, well-earned, 5-Star Luxury Resort, so you can join in on all the R&R with me! We arrive at the top reception, greeted with delicious welcome drinks (as pictured) and are offered a cold towel….I’m sorry….A JASMINE SCENTED cold towel, here’s me, forgetting I’m amongst luxury, exclaiming “Oh my god, what is that smell?! I just want to rub it all over me!” But even though I myself felt like a dork, the lovely staff offered a reassuring polite smile with “It’s jasmine, Ms. Natalie” We are then greeted by our Tour Guide Sugeng who proceeds to show us one of their beautiful suites equipped with separate living room, balcony area, spa room, bathroom, bedroom and don’t forget that private infinity pool overlooking a forest valley! The suites are the only rooms that offer in-house spa service.



DSC02360But don’t worry, there are many places you can indulge in your spa – by the world famous double infinity pool which they will block off for your privacy during your treatment, in one of the many decadent spa rooms fit for joint couples massage and spa bath room with open views of the Ayung River or actually down by the Ayung River to drift off to the lulling sounds of running water and refreshing smells of the tropical forest. As a guest, you are offered 30% off Spa Prices, added bonus!

DSC02275Sugeng gives us a tour of all 8 levels of Hanging Gardens Ubud using the electric cart service if you don’t fancy walking the feng-shui designed eighty-eight steps! Here are some photos so you can see…



Level 1: Reception

DSC02214 DSC02213

Level 2: Suites

DSC02265 DSC02254 DSC02248

Level 3: Boutique, Library and Café

DSC02281 DSC02288 DSC02283

Level 4: Restaurant

DSC02294 DSC02306 DSC02296

Level 5: Lounge and Top-Deck Pool Area

DSC02311 DSC02310 DSC02297

Level 6: Lower Pool Area


Level 7: Spa

DSC02356DSC02343DSC02357Level 8: Ayung Riverwalk


DSC02290After our tour we are then dropped off at the Restaurant to indulge in a three-course Lunch and let me tell you, it was the beeeeees kneeeees! You know when food is so good that neither of you are talking you’re just inhaling your food with bare minimum chewing? That was us. It was amazing! When the flourless chocolate dessert cake was brought out, after one bite I kinda whispered really creepily “I’ve been waiting for you” Rj just laughed, but I’m sure he was just jealous I never creepy whisper at him like that, no, that voice is saved specially for desserts THIS good!



Then, bellies full, what a perfect time to slip into a massage-induced coma with the lovely ladies down on Level Heaven….I mean…Seven! I actually hadn’t received a 90-minute massage before, I had definitely over-indulged in many many one hours, but never had I gone FULL 90! Fact: 30 minutes will change your life.

But I’m skipping ahead! Before even having the massage, we are greeted with Rosalea sweet tea and another scented cold towel (this one was peppermint!) and asked to choose the style of our massage or different spa treatments they had on offer while carefully explaining the benefits of each one, before then asking us to choose the scent of the oil we wished to use once we had selected our spa treatment and style. We opted for a 90-minute traditional Balinese Massage with medium pressure, DSC02228oh yeah, you can select your pressure too, and just incase you were a little braver or warier then you had anticipated, the lovely spa therapists will ask you if their pressure is okay before continuing the massage and reassure you to tell them at any stage if it is too soft or too hard. How good is that? Mine was a perfect, continuous medium, at one point I thought to myself “man, all they need now is a drool bucket” I opened my eyes and low and behold…a beautifully decorated, flower and spring water filled drool bucket laying right beneath you….now THAT is 5-Star service!

You know when you’re getting a massage, and around the time you flip over you’re thinking “Well, it’s coming to an end.” You don’t get that at 90 minutes. In fact, you’re there on your tummy thinking “Shouldn’t we be flipping over soon, ah well, I’m not complaining!” I even had my tummy massaged! I’ve never had my tummy massaged. I didn’t even know your tummy could be massaged! But it felt soothing and relaxing. Every inch of me was in absolute elation. Even my mind was being soothed by the running stream of the river, it was wonderful!

DSC02231Alas, it comes to an end. We are asked if we would prefer to use the spa bathroom shower or for them to wash our bodies with a warm towel to remove the oil. Isn’t that how kings get bathed? Regardless, RJ hopped in the shower and I chose to keep the lovely scented oil on my skin (I’m literally head-over-heals for their scents if you couldn’t tell!) We finish up, are offered a refreshing Ginger Tea and then are escorted to the electric cart service to take us back up to enjoy the world class swimming pool for the rest of the day.

DSC02315Unfortunately Rj and I were pressed for time, but what I wouldn’t give to come back as a guest of Hanging Gardens Ubud and have no time limits to explore, relax, enjoy, rest and absolutely spoil myself rotten with a stay here at the luxurious and decadent Hanging Gardens Ubud

Life. Officially. Changed.

DSC02324P.S. anyone can enjoy the day like we had as a non-guest on a day visit to Hanging Gardens Ubud for RP2,500,000 approx $250 USD per person for 3-course Lunch, Spa Treatment and Use of the world famous swimming pool, but please note: day visits have a major side effect of never wanting to leave, so make sure they have rooms available juuuust incase you want to stay the night….or….forever.

To book your stay visit


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    Ok I’m officially jealous! OMG I want a day/week like that !It certainly sounds like heaven 🙂

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    Wow, I’m super jealous and definitely want to check out the spa during my upcoming trip to Bali

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