Exploring Moalboal with Pescadores Seaview Suites

Moalboal is the one-stop shop in Cebu, Philippines and Pescadores Seaview Suites has all you can dream of in terms of accessing the fun!

I am beyond thankful that I ended up at Pescadores Seaview Suites in Moalboal, in fact, I wish I had spent more time in Moalboal as it was an instant insight in to the Philippines Island lifestyle that I had been imagining. The sunsets are like no other, absolutely GLOWING and the activities there are just above and beyond. Turtles are a dime a dozen, I have never seen so many turtles. In fact I have never seen a turtle and NOT turned my GoPro on to capture it because I had so much footage already and just enjoyed it for what it was, so thank you for THAT.

The hotel itself is very beach style, it’s basic, beachy, you are equipped with what you need and most importantly located minutes from snorkeling and the sea view, I guess so aptly named Pescadores Seaview suites, because directly in front of you is Pescador Island across the Sea. No brainer!     There is complimentary snorkeling and clear-bottom kayaks, the guided activities to Sardine Run (and so much more) are extremely reasonable in price and I truly had the best experience using their booking services for tours and went on to use the guides for more trips like Kawasan Falls the next day from having such a positive experience.      The girls at the front desk were so friendly, I saw them walking after their shift to go snorkeling together and I love that culture in a work place, nothing is fake or put on, they are generally happy to see you and have fun together so that warmth coming across is incredibly genuine and well-intended.Pescadores Seaview Suites is a newer addition, there is some distance to the “town” but by distance we’re talking a 10 minute walk, some restaurants exclaimed it was far when I told them but honestly, if I can snorkel up to your restaurant from my hotel and walk back with ease I would not describe that as a massive distance at all lol!

For activities this hotel is on point! Being a newer hotel I could recommend some life being added to the rooms as they are SO large (which is a great thing) but more décor could take up the space to add to the ambience of the rooms would be my only suggestion, but these, of course are minor improvements that naturally come along after opening regardless.

I can see a huge potential for this hotel in the future and really enjoyed my time exploring Moalboal through the help of the friendly staff and team at Pescadores Seaview Suites.

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