???????????????????????????????The Dunstane Hotel is like a miniature Scottish Castle. The brick architecture and cozy interior and decorations immediately give you the feel of being in Scotland! The breakfast and bar area is extremely roomy, comfortable and classic with stunning bayview windows letting all that sunshine in while you relax with a nice beverage and enjoy the tranquility. It’s probably a 20-minute walk in to the city and a short 10-minute bus ride with wifi! The buses have wifi! Breakthrough moment!


???????????????????????????????You have a much more authentic view of Edinburgh staying here at The Dunstane Hotel, with cute cottages and Scottish houses lining the streets, local bars and lovely locals, original cafes, hidden gem restaurants and one of their very own – Skerries! Which, I was extremely lucky to be present at for the blogger industry night, for the unveiling of their new menu, courtesy of their new chef for Skerries restaurant at The Dunstane, and let me just tell you, it was the right place at the right time for sure for my stay! ???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????After our first day exploring the city and checking out the local attractions with helpful tips from our Concierge and an even more helpful map, we settled back in for a cozy nights sleep with our saviour – the worlds best room heater! The Dunstane knows Scotland! Then the next day we were up early to just randomly explore without a real “plan” and we stumbled across St Mary’s Cathedral, not as popular or crowded as St Giles but just as equally beautiful and we even had the Priest come out and chat to us about some great local spots and things to do here in Edinburgh – I should mention here at this point, the people are just darling! Soooo friendly and helpful and sweet and nice and just well, GREAT peeps!

 Taking up the suggestions we headed for Holyrood Park to do the trek up to Arthur’s Seat before our much-anticipated bloggers night would begin back at The Dunstane! It was an amazing walk but boy was my hair all over the shop, great view, under par blow dry! We played in the park for a little bit, running around like kids before figuring we should probably be getting back to be some what presentable for the bloggers night.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Oh my gosh, what an evening!!! I met so many cool people! It was such a cool idea for The Dunstane to put on. So the evening was organized by The Posh Agency, who had invited various influencers in the hospitality industry. We had blind Scottish whiskey tastings from Glenfiddich’s range, wine tastings from Scotland’s most viable wholesale – Wine Importers, a range of writers and bloggers to mix and mingle, The wonderful owners of The Dunstane hosting the bash, Kevin McGarry – photographer for the Commonwealth Games, capturing it all, and of course, the main reason for the event, delicious canapes by new chef Paul Hood to showcase what you can expect for the upcoming menu of The Dunstanes’ – Skerries Restaurant and it’s delicious makeover!


???????????????????????????????The evening was such a success, everyone was laughing, mingling, having a ball and it was just great to meet so many new people and have a good time in GREAT company! It was even greater to be able to just walk up stairs to our room afterwards to call it a night – not a bad idea with all those whiskey tastings! So the next morning, was my first experience dining for breakfast and I mean, yes, yes to everything. I don’t know what was produced before the ???????????????????????????????makeover but THIS was to die for, and it’s just breakfast! Breakfast isn’t even meant to be the main event but it was just sooooo scrumptious! They have a self-serve area near the bar for your patisserie items, cold meats, cereals and juices and then a menu to select your hot breakfast plate. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I’m not shy when it comes to food, so I opted for the all-round-big-traditional-scottish Dunstane Hotel Breakfast – it was my first try of Haggis and Black Pudding patties and I’m officially giving two-thumbs up! They say one of the best ways to experience a new country is by trying the food, well, if so, it was a good idea, great experience, great taste for the city and it’s delicious traditional foods, both morning and night!


Other then the food, the bloggers night and the cozy castle vibes, I think my most favourite thing about staying at The Dunstane Hotel was the service. Everyone is just SO friendly and nice, big beaming smiles when you walk past, always offering if there was anything to do to be of help and just generally making you feel welcome and comfortable. It was so pleasant to be around and just instantly puts you in a relaxing holiday mode and starts your stay off the right way!


The fact that they are taking the forward approach to employ things like bloggers nights, and updating their chefs and menu’s, striving to stay modern, improve and give YOU the ultimate experience is what really shines for me. I love seeing the effort and the effort definitely shows! You go, Dunstane Hotel!


To stay in one of Edinburgh’s most classic and authentic Hotels visit –

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