Arriving at Coco Grove Beach Resort did not go as planned to say the least! I almost missed my last ferry from my drone fiasco which you can read about here but I managed to get the last ferry, catch the sunset on the way over and made it to the resort by about 8:00pm looking like an absolute disheveled mess!

Luckily, my room was more than delightful and I was able to scrub up quick, the staff also made a massive exception for me and allowed me to have room service which they don’t usually do but knew how tired I was and that I hadn’t had time to eat that day amidst the traveling pretty much the east side of Phils in a day!

Coco Grove Beach Resort, funnily enough, is owned by a fellow Aussie! Mike and I were able to have a couple of catch-ups while there and I was also able to tour multiple rooms during my stay which was quite nice to see.

Obviously, I was partial to the penthouse 😛 but who can blame me!

There are actually two resorts that make up Coco Grove Beach Resort and one is named Sunset Grove, they meet in the middle near one of – I don’t know, maybe TEN – pools? Like seriously, this whole resort could have been Siquijor and I could have spent my days exploring the local beach. But I instead used the tuk tuk to discover the island and if that wasn’t enough go-getter for me, I happened to enjoy the luxury charter yacht to the private oasis of Apo Island – which was such an amazing experience and would highly recommend signing up quickly when you arrive as spots are limited!

On one of my nights there, sorry, EVERY night there was live entertainment, but one in particular was a special dance show, with fire dancers, island drums and singing as well as full spread buffet with local delicacies.

Here’s a few pics of the fun that night!This resort still holds the highest record of direct messages I’ve received about ANYTHING. EVER. You guys were SO interested in where I was, so, I’ll say it again – Coco Grove Beach Resort 😀

But I don’t blame you, even the beauty of this place could be seen from an iPhone lens and what I really felt was that it came through in everything because of the people. The way everyone gives love and friendliness and care into everything they do, trickles down into the food you’re eating, the plants you’re seeing and the experience you’re having.

The staff always greeted me by name and were more than friendly. Also, the caliber of people staying at the resort were also equally as positive and friendly, I met so many wonderful people there and fully felt a blast of good energy just being there. I truly believe in like attracts like and I think there’s no mystery to why Coco Grove Beach Resort is consistently full of positive and like-minded travelers.

The resort itself is HUGE and you could probably get lost in it, which I happily did and discovered some pretty good photo op spots 😀 I also used the land mass to do some jogging in between the two resorts to the gym and if my schedule hadn’t been so full with external activities I could’ve easily enjoyed the stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking on offer of the private beach at Coco Grove Beach Resort.

I really admire the way Mike talked with his staff and how they spoke so highly of him. It goes to show how much love and care is put into a place when people are like family and therefore offer you the same warmness and quite honestly, such a loving nature whenever conversing with you.

I left feeling well-rested, relaxed, at peace and with a few tight squeezy hugs from some of the staff members I was already planning how to re-visit the minute the shuttle wheel left the driveway to the pier.

Can’t wait to come back and enjoy this piece of paradise and hope the team knows how much each conversation I had meant to me! A place that feels like family, that I want to share with my own family and pretty much anyone I can so they can experience the warm and fuzzies too!

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    Awesome Beauty! Makes me want to go there!

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