Citadines OMR Chennai – Livin’ like a local!

My second Ascott property during my stay in Chennai was Citadines OMR Chennai. Citadines is a lot more relaxed then Somerset, from both demographic and a staff point of view.

Although it still caters to business, it’s more of a young, hipster vibe as well as couples enjoying a vacation or staycation and also fit well for solo travellers like me!

I definitely felt more at ease and that Citadines OMR Chennai definitely fit my vibe!

Being a little bit further out of the city is probably where people tend to shy away, but I found it to be a highlight as the area was generally a lot more laidback and still easily accessible without the headache of city traffic.

The food at Citadines OMR Chennai was amazing! I love a good Mexican meal and it had been several months since I had sunk my teeth into a burrito! Yummm!

There’s a very cool bar that is quite dimly lit and has a local DJ. Throughout my stay I saw a lot of casual meetings taking place, friends and colleagues coming in for after work drinks and during the day people coming to work on their laptops as opposed to the lobby work area, which I found interesting to observe – not that I was like….hanging in the bar 24/7 😂 I mean…it had been a LONG trip guys!

Citadines OMR Chennai did not disappoint when it came to amenities either!

The rooftop pool was stunning
As well as the smaller gym, but filled with beautiful morning light.

There were two restaurants, one being the buffet style and another traditional Indian style where I learned how to eat proper Indian dishes after several failed attempts of getting it very, very wrong!

The staff were fun and personable, I was able to joke around and yet still find solitude in my room, equipped with all I needed.
I would recommend Citadines OMR Chennai to a diverse range, but leaning heavily towards the solo traveller, for both business and pleasure purposes. But that is of course, my personal opinion 😉

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