My first time in the Philippines and had my first stop in Cebu.
I was very grateful to try out C-Suites Newton for a mini stay in one of their full-serviced studio apartments.

For the first time, ever, I hadn’t fully planned out my days by every waking moment! 😂 I couldn’t have needed a place like C-Suites more to transition my mindset into my travel mode. By being able to cook my own food, buy groceries below, have sufficient wifi / connectivity and a gym, I easily moved my at home routine to my travel routine and was able to focus on the fun and not feel that massive life flip when you go traveling!

Probably the best feature and where you’ve seen the majority of my pics are at the infinity pool! The sunset here was incredible and I can’t imagine how lucky the residents of the towers feel that they get to witness it from such a location!

So I’ll explain how C-Suites works:

They manage property owners’ apartments for them in ways of short-term or long-term stays. Catering to tourists/expats/extended business goers and the like! This particular location had four towers and C-Suites rent out apartments in towers 1 and 2 ranging from studio, 1 bedroom and family rooms! And when I say “rent out” don’t worry, it’s more serviced than if you were choosing an Airbnb! You can even stay ONE night. It’s pretty much exactly like an Airbnb stay with someone cleaning your room daily, bringing you fresh waters/coffee etc and anything else you need! So your own apartment, with the same services as a hotel!

The onsen would have to be another favourite feature! The flow of working out, hitting the sauna and bath and then dipping in that infinity pool would surely set your routine and mindset balanced in such a healthy way – makes me want to come and extend my stay for a few months!

One thing you guys should definitely know is that Mactan is the BEST point for island hopping as it is the closest to the ports. So if you like your relaxation time (don’t we all) then you can enjoy being the last pick-up and first drop-off for island hopping!

My last favourite feature would be the free access to the local beach! (I know I was a bit shocked too that people have to pay to get on the beach!) But this is a cultural thing and luckily C-Suites has preemptively thought out the future nuances this would create and supplied their guests with free access as well as a local free shuttle to take you to and from – which works well when you haven’t the slightest clue what you feel like doing for the day / here’s a free excursion!

I take that back, that wasn’t my LAST favourite thing, my last favourite thing would be that they’ve given me a 20% off discount to share with all of you!!! Just quote MYTRAVELATION when booking direct to receive your discount!

Book direct via

and be sure you’re quoting “MYTRAVELATION” with your holiday travel dates from now until end of December 2019

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