I’ve stayed at a few Best Westerns before and have always had a pleasant stay but nothing had really popped out at me. I’m not sure if it’s the business suite I was in or just being in Sofia and also at a Best Western Premier as well, but I really welcomed this recent stay!
The bed at BWP Sofia didn’t let me leave, I swear, I tried (not very hard) to leave it, but I was forced to have room service and relax 🙄😜
No, but in all seriousness I had just come from semi-slumming it in Razlog and the bed was sink-me-in AMAZING that I really didn’t leave it other than to go to the gym which was also welcomed!

I was just like ahhhhh – luxury – old friend, how I’ve missed you! It had been a month since my last hotel review and it felt like the first time all over again, I really loved it.
The brekkie spread was also well-above the typical continental breakfast I had had at my last Best Western stay and it also had a lot of traditional Bulgarian items as well. The best part was, being an airport hotel, the BWP Sofia has an “Early breakfast” option for those needing to catch the 5:00am flights!
Obviously people would choose the BWP Sofia because of its ease of access to the airport, it’s not exactly close to the central city of town but definitely if your purpose is to be near the airport than of course look no further!

I didn’t realise there was an escape room inside until I was literally standing outside waiting for my taxi when I left! It would have been cool to check out, especially since I chose not to leave the hotel during my stay – LOL!

The room was incredible and I definitely lapped it all up while I was there.
I could definitely see any business goers having a very enjoyable time in that suite on a Sofia trip for sure.

Overall, I had a nice time relaxing and unwinding after my month off work and preparing for my long Europe travels ahead, for me, it was the right stop at the right time!       

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