Who doesn’t want to stay a stones throw away from Bondi Beach in a luxury apartment for the weekend?

Ooooof! This Bondi 38 apartment started giving me some serious Sydney thoughts about moving down here….also becoming wildly rich and buying myself a little Bondi apartment to enjoy life in.

So, OBVIOUSLY, the location is the numero uno feature of these delicious apartments, so let’s discuss, other than the in-your-face choice of Bondi Beach itself, what else is walking distance for the spot you’re getting.

Café’s, restaurants and any type of food choice is available as a smorgasbord selection for you to choose from. There’s also a bust stop quite literally across the road to take you into the city if you’re car-less (which isn’t the worst idea, as parking is pretty much non-existent or overly expensive – since you’re in Bondi, just like the 1 million other visitors and locals – not opting for a car, may be the smarter move)

On the car-less front, there’s a grocery store a 10min walk away as well as a bottle shop to match some wine to that nice meal you’re going to make yourself in your apartment at Bondi 38!

What tourists don’t always know about Bondi is that although it can attract many tourists, it’s also a hotspot for locals to come and blow of some steam as well and when you mix in the backpackers and occasional homeless people, it can turn rowdy fairly quickly – luckily Bondi 38 has a keyless coded entry, meaning you can’t lose or have your keys stolen, outsiders can’t get in and even if they could, there’s another coded entry to your specific apartment as well.

Basically, long story longer, I felt extremely secure in Sydney’s most popular hotspot! I used to actually live in Sydney near Kings Cross and let’s just say, safety was my top concern, so it was a little detail I heavily noticed and appreciated.

Unfortunately, other than the first day I arrived, it was raining for the rest of my stay, but it was actually really nice to be able to watch the storm roll in across the beach – see Bondi Beach NOT packed for once and enjoy the rain from the comfort of my apartment at Bondi 38.

The location would be the seller for me, paired with the user friendliness of being able to LIVE not just stay with a full serviced apartment!

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