Azumi Boutique Hotel was the perfect place to get some space – in MANILA!

Azumi hotel was my last stop in the Philippines before moving on to India and I needed to unwind more than ever.

I had been warned about Manila from anyone who’s ever been, “there’s traffic, there’s smell, there’s danger.” But, I definitely didn’t experience that at all. The traffic, okay, maybe slightly, but where Azumi is located, there were virtually NONE of the stereotypical symptoms of Manila to be found.

The area I was in was clean, close to local shops, no traffic around the areas, even getting in and out didn’t take forever, I had no issues getting to and from the airport as you go south from the airport so are avoiding the main area of Manila anyway.

Technically Azumi is in the municipality of Alabang which is about 25km outside of Manila, but still considered Metro Manila area – the longest it took me to get to the city at 6:00pm traffic was 50mins…which isn’t that bad considering I can hear it can take the same amount IN the city to get within 5km of something.

So now that we’ve talked about location, let’s chat the actual resort.

I’m killing myself that I didn’t take photos of the reception at Azumi, because it was quite busy every time I went down and I know how uncomfortable it can make people when they’re on holiday to be taking photos, even though, I want them in my photos like I want a hole in my head….for those who don’t speak sarcasm…translates to not at all. BUT – ooh la la, way to interior decorate! There’s a black and white theme in the lobby with red pieces from the major fashion cities.

The restaurant is Green and white themed and everything just looks so colour inspired, yet balanced with the white pieces. It’s very beautiful!

I did manage to capture one of the best amenities – a rooftop infinity pool! At sunset no less.

There was also a little lounge snack bar there that looked so New York speak easy décor with it’s velvet purples and the sunlight was making the whole room light up! It’s all very fancy and luxurious here.

And the rooms at Azumi are no exception. The thing I really loved other than the décor is the light in each room, even though you’re in this big building, you never feel shut away, there’s so much light and energy! The mirrored rooms make everything feel very spacious and it’s very easy to relax and unwind and pretty much not leave – which I barely did other than to head to the city or the local restaurants for lunch!

This was perfect for me as I really needed to just sit and catch up on work, while still being able to access the city of Manila if I needed to. I would recommend Azumi for those who would like to distance themselves slightly from the traffic and busy aspect of Manila as well as ease of access to the airport and local shops!

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