Welcome to Atlantis Dumaguete!

Atlantis Dumaguete Dive Resort was the only place I stayed in Dumaguete while on my visit there, it’s actually located in the city of Dauin which was about a 40min tuk tuk ride from the pier drop off, or alternatively, 30 mins from the airport.

So, first things first, I didn’t dive whilst there! Lol. I came as a guest to experience and review the alternatives if you’re not a diver and how the resort can still appeal to those of you who wouldn’t be looking for a specific “dive resort” but just a nice luxury resort in Dumaguete. Which is exactly what Atlantis Dumaguete would be described as!

The first thing you’re greeted with when traveling down the dirt road leading from the main highway is a high wall of lush green trees and bushes. In fact, you can’t see the resort at all behind the fortress of green!

As you are led by the helpful staff to the check-in counter adjacent to the beach restaurant, you walk down the winding path lined with perfectly groomed tropical plants making you feel like you’re in a jungle of the tropics, you pass by all the amenities like the pool, spa and rooms so before you’ve even checked in, you already can find your way around the whole resort.

Some resorts you can get lost in, or you’ll check-out and see someone else’s photos and think “I didn’t even know that was there!” So it’s nice to feel like you’re seeing/experiencing it all.

The check-in process was incredibly unique and well-welcomed. I didn’t check-in at reception. In fact I was lead to the beach restaurant, offered a plate of fresh fruit, a fresh towel and the freshest natural juice while someone brought my room key to me, filled out the details and took my passport to go be scanned. How lovely! Definitely takes the formalities to an already relaxed state of mind. Your being lulled into holiday-mode from the moment you step foot on the property grounds.

After taking my time at check-in and relaxing after the long journey to Negros, I was taken to my room – one of the Garden Suites of Atlantis Dumaguete. I loved the floor-length windows to be able to see out into the lush surroundings, but also had to mentally remember to shut the curtains before showering 😛

I was lucky enough to be a stepping stone to the main amenities and enjoyed a massage in the Spa with the sounds of the waterfall feature from the pool creating an enjoyable ambience. I didn’t actually swim in the pool due to my own time commitments but it looked very relaxing with it’s own waterfall to get massaged under – ya know, just incase the Spa facilities wasn’t relaxing enough for you 😉

The best thing about Atlantis Dumaguete Dive Resort, if you’re not up for diving, is to swap that V for an N and enjoy all the DINING, lol, yes I know how lame that sounded, but you gotta love a great play on words 😂

Not only was the food sensational, the chef was so friendly, in fact, ALL of the staff were so friendly and not just to me, I observed them joking with other guests and everyone really was like family there. But the highlight in dining has got to be that uninterrupted view of the ocean to watch the sun rise and set when you start and end your day at the restaurant.

I would love to come back and dip my toe in some diving (pun fully intended) and also try out Atlantis Dumaguete sister locations such as Puerta Galera and even a live-aboard ship for those extreme divers out there who just can’t get enough!

The resort overall was very luxurious and the staff were very friendly, the location is a little further out from the city but honestly when driving through Dumaguete I kind of preferred it as you get a little more nature and bliss as opposed to the city buildings, noise and honking tuk tuk drivers. If you plan your time around, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy your surroundings on the third biggest Island of the Philippines.

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