Alicia Keys sang about it, it is no lie that The Empire State is a site to witness personally! Well, lucky me, I was able to witness it every day from my 20th floor, very own, make-me-want-to-move-here, room at Archer Hotel New York, where the only thing above me was the ever-popular ‘Spyglass’ rooftop bar, just in case I wanted less window in my viewing path for Miss Empire State! When I tell you Archer Hotel New York is in the heart of the action, I’m not sugarcoating a thing!

When I first arrived at Archer Hotel New York (early) my room wasn’t quite ready so I decided to sit at the lobby bar, also belonging to the nationwide accredited Charlie Palmer Steakhouse, and order my very first Carrie Bradshaw Cosmopolitan whilst I wait. A lovely gentlemen who I assumed to be the Bartender made it for me and I sat there boomeranging away on Insta merrily along until the ACTUAL bartender came up and asked me “Did he make you that drink?” thinking it was work mate bantering I laughed along, until he pressed on, “No, I’m serious, you must be special. That’s the Hotel Manager, if he’s making you a drink you must be special!” Immediately beaming from ear to ear, I whipped around and flashed my cheesy grin, it’s not every day your first New York Cosmopolitan is so courteously made by the Hotel Manager of one of New York’s finest Hotels!

My room itself was very chic and urban, I have a slight obsession with brick feature walls and it truly felt like that cool, midtown New York vibe. Albeit small in size, the modern and elegant touches, stunning Empire State Building view and all white bathroom more than made up for it! The espresso machine was very fancy and being greeted with salted caramel toffees which only continued my sweet-tooth each night during turn down service left me with sugar cravings for days! The actual mini-bar prices were surprisingly affordable compared to hotels I have stayed in before and with cute his and her slippers with matching robes, Archer Hotel New York know what they’re doing when it comes to enticing you to relax and raid the snacks!

Checking out the rooftop bar above me, Spyglass, was honestly such a highlight! I went up various times, when it was busy in the afternoon and met some cool locals, also for a night cap in the evening and again had some great conversation with other guests as well as the staff working there, who, I might add, were incredibly polished and well-mannered. The lights inside the hanging lanterns made for some pretty amazing photos when security so graciously escorted me up in the wee hours of the early morning to snap some sunrise photos, the entire ambiance of Spyglass was very classy, modern and picturesque.

No matter who I encountered during my stay, all members of the staff of Archer Hotel New York gave me the exact same level of service, friendliness and politeness which I know is a great fete to achieve especially in the hospitality business, it shows just how great management must be when the pride of a venue trickles down and is portrayed in every team member and after talking to fellow guests, who were repeat guests, they completely agreed with my notion of how fantastic the staff were adding “That’s why I come back, every time.”

There is a lot of pride at Archer Hotel New York, the location is amazing, the staff are fantastic, the hotel itself is artistic and very urban chic and most of all, I received a hat that says Archer Hotel New York that I wear every day on my jogs pretending I’m a New Yorker and still live happily ever after inside my stunning room with an Empire State of Mind view! We can all dream I guess! 

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  • Reply Marilyn Burton April 20, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    What a great review! Certainly makes you want to spend time there . Such a great location too.

  • Reply Lynne Anne Lafever April 20, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    Even I know NYC would overwhelm me in a minute, your articles are giving just shade of an idea that I should give the city a visit again. This article was interesting and enjoyed how you brought your stay life to life. Can’t wait to read your next one!

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