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Okay guys, real talk…this is the epitome of a winter cabin getaway! When you’re sitting on your bed, planning away, saving photos from google, imagining and group chatting your little travelin’ heart out – THIS is your imagination come to life! I was nothing short of ecstatic when I laid my eyes for the first time upon this Alaska AirBnB on the outskirts of Fairbanks. Made of log? Check! Wood stove fireplace? Check! Outdoor hot tub so you can be in both hot AND cold?! CHECK!! A super friendly host accompanied with cute puppy dog to help you cook the fresh salmon you caught ice fishing? Check! Aurora Borealis viewing at your doorstep? MAJOR CHECK! Surrounded by nature and nestled just a squidge enough away from the town to really witness those Northern Lights without any city light interruption dulling their shine, from your doorstep, or even in this case, from your bedroom window!! I mean, sleeping under the Aurora Borealis…’s your bucket list looking?

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Alaska Airbnb (3)So it of course helped that the day we checked in was also the same day that Fairbanks was getting it’s first spout of snow and the snow was just drizzling daintily from the sky covering our brand new Alaska AirBnB home for the next 5 nights, everything looked like I had just stepped inside my own shaken-up snow globe. I could feel the fresh snow Alaska Airbnb (19)crunch underneath my shoes on the steps leading up to our (rather larger then the pictures lead on) Alaska AirBnB, as soon as I opened the door I gasped! It was exactly what I wanted to spend my first winter experience in! Not to mention that I’ve wanted to live in a loft apartment every since I was 18 and that it just happened to have a loft with a view of snow-kissed nature just begging you to move in for six months and write your novels! Well, that’s the tune it was singing to me at least 😉

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Alaska Airbnb (9)I moved my way down to the 2nd story to check out the bed spread, I thought it was fun to need to use the step to get up onto the bed and totally felt like a princess bed until I realized it was to put me at eye level for the window showing not only the glistening snow falling but later on I’d realize also being able to sit head-in-hands staring in awe at the light explosions dancing across the sky right above the treetops outside and literally being able to fall asleep to the Aurora Borealis was, no pun intended, a dream come true!Alaska Airbnb (13)

Alaska Airbnb (23)We met our host Mark that night and made plans to do a cook out together, salmon, moose steaks a good dose of whiskey and wine and not to mention creating and cooking our very own pizzas inside the studio woodfire pizza oven! Just being able to swap stories, get to hear a lot about Alaska living and play tug-o-war with Cooper – Alaska Airbnb (24)Mark‘s chocolate lab pup, who was always up for a bit of a play, was one of the highlights of staying at this particular Alaska AirBnB – it really is who you’re with not where you go, that makes a trip, and getting to hang out with Mark and Cooper definitely made ours!

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Alaska Airbnb (21)The other highlight of course, was that hot tub!!! Not really knowing how we would get from our winter gear into our skivvies for a dip but also not really caring was the beauty of it, I ended up running bare foot on the snow back into the house, surprisingly my tootsies were still so hot that the cold didn’t bite at all!

DCIM100GOPROGOPR1207.JPGSome days we ended up just staying at our Alaska AirBnB just to enjoy making snow angels, walking around the local paths and even spent an hour and a half making our very own snowman! Which I found out should only take 15minutes, the snow in Alaska is dry snow and doesn’t stick together like regular snow, but that just goes to show you what willpower and determination will get ya!

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Alaska Airbnb (4)Alaska Airbnb (22)More often then not we would get back from our tours late into the night and Mark would already have a nice fire going for us in the living room, we would settle down with a nice wine by the fire and glance out the window to check on the sky’s spontaneous light show, and would immediately run outside to stand there all rugged up to watch the lights of Aurora Borealis dance above us.

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Alaska Airbnb (11)It was such a homely vacation, it truly felt like we could have been living in Alaska and this was just day-to-day enjoyment. I’m not surprised why so many migrate to the Great North! Our Alaska AirBnB was everything and more and I for sure will be going back for seconds and probably even thirds, just like Alaska Airbnb (10)Marks guests who came after us were also repeat visitors. Take my word for it, there’s no better place to stay and no better company to keep then this little hidden gem in the heart of Alaska, I’m convinced I very happily stumbled on the best of the best and my dream is for you to visit the magic and let it sweep you off your feet just like it did mine…


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    What a lovely write up on this beautiful place! It’s amazing when you can find just the right place when you’re traveling. You definitely hit the target with this one!

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