I love a good hotel, but it’s always SO nice to stay in an apartment, or better yet an AirBnB in Waikiki Hawaii! When you travel so much you often begin to appreciate, (quickly) the simple luxuries of life like, doing laundry, cooking a meal, having actual cups to have your morning coffees in and feeling somewhat more at home away from home.airbnb-in-waikiki-hawaii

This little beauty I found on AirBnB however is an apartment accommodation game changer!


airbnb-honoluluFirstly, it’s located within a Wyndham resort, half the resort is, well, a resort, and the other half are apartments. What this means is, friendly, helpful, onsite staff. Something you don’t always get at every Airbnb apartment unless they have a very amazing front desk, but even so, there’s usually only one person to ask for help unlike The Royal Garden Waikiki where there were at least six staff in eyesight that I could ask at anytime! The only con was the parking BECAUSE it IS half a resort located footsteps away from the Waikiki shops and beaches, there is just no such thing as cheap Waikiki parking and it was a whopping $30 flat rate per day to park the car. However if you can swing it, there is free street parking available after 6pm, but you have to beat the crowd! Tip: Park at 4:30pm before locals finish work and pay the hour and a half, then once the clock ticks over, your car is free all night til 7am! Our plans didn’t always work out so early though and we did get stuck searching for parking before giving in and paying for a nights park. If you don’t plan on renting a car, the location is totally worth it, but definitely something to be mindful of if you DO have one.


Secondly, the vibrancy of the wall murals inside the apartment was unlike anything I’ve ever seen or stayed in. It was incredibly beautiful to wake up to, be in, stare at and had such a sense of Hawaiian culture and lifestyle, it was surprisingly relaxing and had such a calm, island vibe. I thought that was so cool to bring the culture to an apartment, even though your sky high with buildings around you, there’s the island vibes surrounding your apartment stay!


Thirdly, the location is amazing. Just two blocks walking from the shopping strip and a further three blocks from there to the beach! We even found some night markets down one of the side streets on a wander one night and a lot of cool bars and restaurants nearby. If you want to get a feel for Waikiki you’ve definitely come to the right place. And in saying that, if you want to venture out for the day across the island, the highway is less then 5mins away!

The great thing about this Royal Garden Waikiki AirBnB was the keyless entry, I’m so in love with keyless entries when I travel because I’m so prone to forgetting door keys when I leave for the day and having to do the shameful concierge plea for entry! The owner Leo, provides you with your own personal pin code days before your arrival so that you only ever have to search an email feed for entry! One night the code didn’t work, but Leo was easily contactable, assured me it had never happened in the past and reset the code within 20 minutes for us! It was really helpful that he was so available, and thankfully that was the only time we needed to contact him anyway but definitely a tick when opting for an AirBnb!


royal-garden-hawaiiLeo also varied from the usual Airbnb by providing a ton of toiletries and bathroom products you wouldn’t usually find in an Airbnb setting, surplus amounts of beach towels and very comfortable beds and bedding during our stay. It’s those little touches that make guests feel like they’re being looked after and really, who doesn’t love a good surprise when you’re first checking out your travel digs?!

I loved the close location and the colorful vibrancy of the apartment. It was different, cultural and above all, comfortable! The perfect AirBnB in Waikiki Hawaii!

To look at availability via Airbnb you can see the apartment link here –

Leo also has five additional Waikiki properties available on Airbnb under his profile if you were needing to accommodate larger groups as well, go check him out there and enjoy your Honolulu stay! Aloha!

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