Adge Hotel quickly became a favourite and here’s why…

ADGE Hotel is without a doubt one of my favourite stays to date. I honestly get so excited about a stay when all of those little minor details become major reasons you fall in love! Get ready for some ra-ra-ra lovin’ because there ain’t ONE thing I can fault!


Firstly, you are situated right on the ADGE of Crown street – get it, ADGE instead of edge, like that one? 😉 But seriously, you’re a stones throw away from Crown street and Hyde Park, making it not only a great place to go relax, dine or shop – but very easy to access transport and move from A to Z around Sydney city which is crucial if you’ve ever visited Sydney before!


When I first looked up ADGE Hotel, of course the funky designs with those creative SMEG fridges make you feel like you’re staying in a 60’s London “flat” and the Penthouse loft factor is a total attention grabber!

But, when I checked in, it was still all those things, but it was also so full of light, sleek, modern and well-kept!They’re so big on cleanliness, everything has it’s own little place, the remote was in a vacuum sealed sleeve, the coffee pods were all stacked in their own holders and everything was labelled. The things I think you generally don’t think about because it’s so common, are very present! You KNOW and then you FEEL how much attention to detail ADGE Hotel is putting in for Y-O-U!

After that point, every little thing keeps adding on to your pile of “YES” and being mentally congratulated. Like the fact, I wake up at the crack of dawn (or even before it cracks so I can photograph it cracking) and I went outside and there was the days newspaper hanging on my door. Like….how EARLY are the staff getting up to make this happen? I mean, it wasn’t even 5:00am yet. They just totally understand the needs of their demographic and the fact that whether you’re on vacay or you’re here for business they’re on top of your schedule!


Now, I’ve never met a turn down service I didn’t mind, but this has to be talked about. Lull me into a state of bliss and ambience why don’t you! Not only are there treats on your pillow, no, ADGE Hotel gives you a candle-light, slippers, removes the décor on the bed and fluffs your pillows, provides water and a little rug that says sweet dreams. I mean, I just feel so tucked in!

Not to mention on arrival the friendliness, as well as the very thoughtful welcome-cheese platter you get on arrival. I’ve just truly never stayed somewhere where they’re trying to do the absolute most from start to finish to make your stay enjoyable and so cared for. ADGE Hotel is literally your girlfriend on Valentines Day, is it wrong to feel courted right now?


Yeah, this is a section. There’s always something for everyone! Say, you dislike ringing reception for things or you don’t want that much chatter and want to be left alone…but still, gals gotta eat, right? You can order and ask for anything you want from the staff, via your in-room ipad! As well as being able to also look up things to do nearby and just incase you forget what those things are….

You can find them again on your 4G phone provided to you while you’re out and about. Like, a fully, working phone that you can have and take anywhere with you during your stay. It has international calls to some of the most popular countries, no doubt where the majority are coming from for business and pleasure. It’s just, again, such a thoughtful notion to pre-anticipate your guests needs.

     After staying and seeing how much effort is going into your stay, you begin to wonder why not every other hotel isn’t acting like this.

And let me just say, this is NOT because I’m a blogger. This treatment is standard. That’s the difference with ADGE Hotel, they’re standard service is someone else’s above-and-beyond. I just can’t sing their praises enough. I don’t even know what anyone could fault them on.

The vibe is cool, the lobby is fun and decorative, it’s creative, funky, beautiful inside and out. Adge Hotel has an amazing location, amazing staff and just so thoughtful it makes you never want to leave.

Consider me officially blown away and ADGE Hotel? If you’re ever looking for a permanent resident, please put my name on the list indefinitely! (Insert love-eye emoji here)

Check out ADGE Hotel’s website for more –

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