interior-decorating-parisparis-accommodationAnything that remotely sounds like ‘Chanel’ in Paris and I’m there! Lucky us to be experiencing one of Paree’s recently renovated and modern- styled 4-Star Hotels, with quite possibly the most eccentric interior decorating I’ve ever seen, although Hotel Chavanel has nothing to do with Chanel, I’m sure Coco herself would have been thrilled with all of the quirky pieces inside! From fuzzy woollen lamp shades to adult-sized birdcages, four colour-toned couches and attic-style bedrooms, with no two light structures the same, it’s safe to say this Hotel isn’t afraid of a little fashion statement!

This was our first stop in Paris, the lovely reception greeted us with local maps and explained nearby points of interest, like the dangerously close La Fayette department stores (hide your credit cards!) as well as the L’église de la Madeleine – a Pantheon style temple built in 1842, used as a Church and Concert Hall. Being in the heart of Paris, it’s very easy to find history at your doorstep!

hotel-chavanel-parisThe service was amazing, we had our bags both brought up from check-in as well as brought down when we were ready to check-out the following day. My Aunt, Gail, a Paris local, came to meet us when we first arrived, I said “I’m not sure we’ll all fit in the lift (aka elevator)?” Gail replied with a laugh “This is BIG for Paris. Trust me.” As I later came to realize, she was right! We were such lucky ducks to stay in Hotel Chavanel’s Junior Suite! It was on the top floor, over-looking the busy Parisian streets through the attic/loft-style windows. It felt more like a chic studio apartment and immediately instilled dreams of running away to become a Paris local – this could be my chic Paree lifestyle!hotel-chavanel-junior-suitehotel-chavanelThe Hotel was soooo thoughtful and kind to leave a welcome champagne, fruit display and letter for us on arrival, it was one of many gasps as I do what I always do and explore every corner of the room before flopping down to take the bed-test. Verdict: Beyond comfortable!french-breakfast-in-bedparis-breakfastThe next day I wandered down to the breakfast area, a little late I may add and was choosing between grabbing a quick croissant to go and running up to get ready/check-out or sitting down to eat, one of the staff members obviously saw me battling with my indecisiveness, somehow read my thoughts and asked if I would like to have breakfast up in my room. hotel-chavanel-breakfastI mean, if you insist? Breakfast in bed is awesome. But breakfast in bed, in Paris – takes the cake. Literally. I enjoyed my array of cereals, fromage and croissants as well as freshly squeezed juices and café – why not have it all, right?kraft-notebookinterior-decorating-lightbulbWe had the luxury of taking our time enjoying our breakfast while our bags were brought down for us for check-out. I noticed adjacent to the reception was a working area, again beautifully decorated and it seemed as though you could purchase various journals and notebooks. I read closely and found myself chuckle out loud when reading LCK – La Compagnie du Kraft’s mission statement, I quote “For guys with the hands of a lumberjack or killer. They’re made for bruisers. If your patience is as limitless as your love for life off the beaten track, then these notebooks are for you.” You had me at lumberjack 😉

paris-hotelStepping into Paris with all of this bounding art and creativity surrounding my first night in this daring city, was definitely the smartest travellers move I have done to date. Why? Because you have already created the zest and desire to explore every quirky, fashionable, historical and totally Parisian lifestyle that Paris has to offer.

Would I stay at Hotel Chavanel again? In a Paris heartbeat!

Thank you for having us! With Love x

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